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BisLaw Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers, Vancouver

If you or a family member has sustained car accident injuries due to the negligence of another person, BisLaw can help. When life changes in an instant, it can be difficult to know what to do and where to start. The Vancouver car accident lawyers at BisLaw have the experience and the expertise necessary to protect your rights and to move your file forward. We care about your future and it is with a genuine commitment to compassionate client service that we pursue the maximum compensation to which you may be eligible for your injuries.

Call a BisLaw Car Accident Lawyer Before You Call Dial-a-Claim

Our car accident lawyers in Vancouver work for you, not ICBC.

Unlike the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, which aims to pay out the minimum amount possible for your claim, your BisLaw Vancouver car injury lawyer strives to obtain for you and your family the maximum compensation for the accident to which you may be entitled.

At BisLaw, your Vancouver car accident lawyer acts as your trusted advocate and advisor when you need support the most. We can place your recorded statement to Dial-a-Claim together from our office to ensure that you have accurately described the full extent of your car accident injuries. This will help to establish your case and to protect your access to coverage for reasonably necessary medical care.

BisLaw Vancouver car accident lawyers understand both the law and the procedures ICBC must follow. While ICBC has no responsibility to you, and acts in fact to defend the defendant driver in order to reduce total insurance company expenditure, at BisLaw we level the playing field and protect your interests in order to work towards a more favourable resolution.

Valuing Your Car Accident Injury Claim

Just as the circumstances of any two collisions may not be exactly alike, each car accident injury claim is unique. Your lawyer for car accident cases at BisLaw will first help to determine if it will be beneficial to you to pursue a claim; if so, as your legal representative we will assess the related damages in order to identify the compensation which may be available to you.

The damages that your car accident lawyer will use to assess the value of your claim is based on previous cases and may include those related to a loss of income, housekeeping or earning capacity, the ability to continue with sports, hobbies and other activities you may have previously enjoyed, the costs of necessary medical care, and non-pecuniary (or “pain and suffering”) damages.

The purpose of a financial resolution in the case of a car accident injury claim is to provide compensation that will help the claimant return, as much as possible, to their pre-accident economic position. In the case of a “No Fault” ICBC claim, sometimes referred to by Vancouver car accident lawyers as “Part 7” benefits, the injured party retains their entitlement to receive compensation for medical care whether or not they are responsible for the car accident.

Car accident lawyers at  BisLaw  can help you understand the valuation process and take care of the details for you so you can focus on your recovery.

Protect Your Family and Your Future with Our Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, lawyers at Vancouver’s BisLaw firm can help you take the next steps while protecting your rights and the valuable benefits to which any dependent family may be entitled. If your case goes to trial, as your car injury lawyer, we will act as your representative to pursue for you the compensation you deserve. Your skilful and qualified BisLaw car accident injury lawyer will ask tough questions of the defendant driver and can effectively prepare you to answer questions both truthfully and to your advantage.

Your Well-Being is Our First Priority

The best Vancouver car accident lawyers are those who understand that people come first. At BisLaw, we represent your case with your well-being and your future in mind. It is imperative that you receive prompt and appropriate medical care for your car accident injuries as well as obtaining the proper related documentation as required for proof in order to receive any insurance benefits to which you may qualify.

We will assist you with complex legal and insurance paperwork so that you can focus on the big picture and can answer your questions about your rights and responsibilities with regards to employment after a traumatic car accident injury. The claims process can be a long road; our Vancouver car accident lawyers at BisLaw are here for you to help navigate the journey ahead.

No Fees for Our Services Until Your Case is Successfully Resolved

At BisLaw, we understand that your car accident injuries may prevent you and your caregiver from immediately returning to work and those upfront legal fees may create an additional obstacle to your recovery.

When you align with a BisLaw Vancouver car accident lawyer, you will never be charged legal fees until your case is successfully resolved. Called a contingency fee agreement, this process allows a BisLaw lawyer for car accident claims to represent you throughout the case and to thoughtfully address your questions and concerns without the burden of an hourly rate.

If you do not receive financial compensation, you simply do not pay us legal fees. Our knowledge, dedication and commitment to client service make BisLaw one of the best law firms for car accidents in the city. Together, we can create a better future for you and your family.

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