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What We Do

At BisLaw, our personable and professional legal team can advise you to which forum you might pursue your claim, determine its value, and how to attain the maximum settlement to which you are entitled. Our Vancouver law firm’s personal injury lawyers offer contingency based fees. If your case is not successful and you do not receive a settlement, you do not pay us legal fees.

The Purpose of a Settlement

If you have sustained a personal injury due to the negligence of another person, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The purpose of a monetary settlement, in the case of an accident, is to bring the injured person as close as possible to their pre-accident situation. A BisLaw ICBC lawyer will help injured people get compensation for medical expenses associated with the incident and help return to pre-accident employment levels.

ICBC Claims & ICBC Injury Lawyers

We at BisLaw do not work for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). We work for you.

Accidents causing injury are stressful events, often causing, significant financial and emotional difficulties, especially when it may not be possible to fully assess the effects of the accident and whether compensation will be available for your personal injuries on the spot. Call BisLaw before you make your Dial-A-Claim statement for your ICBC claim, and before you make that important, documented follow-up visit to your doctor.

Preparation is the key to success. Take that crucial step and call BisLaw to speak to a Vancouver ICBC lawyer before you make your Dial- A- Claim recorded statement. What you are recorded as saying may be used against you in court, and may deny you the maximum compensation value that you deserve for your claim.

ICBC’s adjusters do not work for you. Their job is to protect ICBC’s interests, not yours, and they face pressure to award the minimum insurance payout, which is not in your best interest. Our Vancouver personal injury and ICBC lawyers are your advocates. We will help you prepare your statement which can be made from our office directly, under our experienced ICBC legal guidance.

ICBC’s lawyers or adjusters will ask you questions during a process known as Discovery. Without a BisLaw ICBC lawyer, you may be answer questions that will lead you to your detriment. With the assistance of our BisLaw ICBC lawyers, you will be prepared to answer both honestly and to your advantage, in order to move the file forward in the most advantageous way for your ICBC claims. We will object to any questions that are not allowed to be asked, and will guide you in profitably communicating the truth of the matter.

ICBC “No Fault” Claims or “Part 7” Benefits

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia, you are entitled to compensation from ICBC under Part 7 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation. Intended to help the injured person with medical costs associated with their recovery, these benefits are available regardless of fault.

It is important to note that due to Section 83 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act, which protects against double recovery, your Part 7 benefits will be deducted from any damages claim you make regarding the accident. Even if you did not apply for or receive Part 7 benefits with your ICBC claims, the benefits you would have recovered had you applied will nonetheless be dedicated from your ICBC claims for damages. Without a BisLaw ICBC lawyer doing the work, you may fail to follow the necessary steps required to apply for Part 7 benefits which can result in significant lost compensation on your ICBC claims. Other Vancouver lawyers might make mistakes. At BisLaw Personal Injury Trial Lawyers, we can help you to pursue your ICBC claims and taking the necessary steps in order to maximize the financial compensation you deserve.

Our ICBC Lawyer Services

ICBC is not obligated to provide you with the maximum financial compensation that you deserve. Instead, ICBC has an interest to minimize payout, and the information that you provide to ICBC’s lawyer or adjuster regarding your claim may, in fact, be used against you in court.

At BisLaw, our duty and genuine commitment is to serve you. We will provide you the professional knowledge and guidance to best prepare you in order to move your file forward and to receive the best possible compensation for you.


We at BisLaw Personal Injury Trial Lawyers in Vancouver are available as advisors and advocates for you should you become injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Types of Accidents, Injuries

BisLaw’s legal team can assist you as you file for financial compensation in the following incidences of personal injury:

Not all injuries from accidents are apparent on X-ray or MRI. Soft tissue injuries, such as injuries to muscles, tendons and internal organs, may result in significant, permanent pain without any finding on medical imaging studies. Whiplash and nerve damage may also occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

The full symptoms of an injury may also take months or even years to fully manifest themselves. Often, the only predictor of whether the pain a person is suffering from is likely to be permanent is to wait and see if it persists in the months and sometimes years after an accident. If you choose to settle your ICBC claims quickly, without the help of BisLaw’s ICBC injury lawyers, you risk getting less financial compensation for your injuries and their effects.

Any personal injury from an accident as the result of someone else’s negligence may entitle you to compensation. Soft tissue, broken bones, head, back and neck injuries, and objective injuries are just some of the kinds of personal injuries that may be represented by your personal injury lawyer in Vancouver.

In the case of a hit and run incident, even if you cannot located the other driver, ICBC may be sued as a nominal defendant. ICBC’s lawyers will defend the claim, and, subject to limitations, the injured person may receive the same compensation that they would have been entitled to if the other driver had been identified.

Our goal at BisLaw, as personal injury and ICBC lawyers, is to ensure that you receive the maximum settlement amount to help you get on with your life.


Just as every case is unique, damages sustained and values awarded vary accordingly.

You may have required surgery and/or medical expenses and care for your personal injury, and may incur future expenses in dealing with the effects of your injury.

Non-pecuniary damages, also referred to as pain and suffering damages, also include damages for any future pain and suffering that you may experience due to your injury.

Your ability to work at present and in the future may have been affected. The Vancouver lawyers at BisLaw Personal Injury Trial Lawyers can help with your ICBC claims. The loss of income earning capacity may entitle you to financial compensation.

Sports, hobbies, housekeeping capacity or other activities that you may have otherwise continued to enjoy also may be considered as damages, as can the detrimental effects to relationships caused by personal injury.

Special damages include expenses that can generally be quantifiable with receipts, such as the costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation, medication, housekeeping and transport required due to the accident.

In-trust claims apply to immediate family members who have provided housekeeping services, beyond what may be considered normal or simply “helping out”, to the injured person. For instance, these family members may have suffered a loss in their earnings by staying at home to care for a loved one, or providing assistance as a substitute instead of hiring professional assistance. In this case, any compensation is granted directly to the assisting family member.

Call BisLaw Vancouver ICBC lawyers before you speak to your doctor in order to communicate clearly and productively the effects of your injuries on daily and work life.

Attaining Medical Help for Your Personal Injury

In the event of a personal injury where another individual is at fault, it is extremely important to accurately and thoroughly convey the effects of your injury to your doctor through documented medical visits. Regular and consistent medical checks by a doctor are recommended, and it may be beneficial to keep a journal detailing the effects of your injuries on daily life.

In order to receive reimbursement for medical expenses associated with your ICBC claims, you must prove that the medical costs are reasonably necessary as a result of your injury. When you are subjected to questioning shortly after the event, you may not have realized the full extent of your injury, or may have forgotten important details regarding the accident.

If you do not document the full extent of your injuries, and provide a statement to ICBC that does not fully set out your injuries, whether because you forgot to mention them or because these injuries did not become apparent until a later date, this information may be used against you by ICBC’s lawyers in court to minimize your financial compensation.

A BisLaw ICBC lawyer provides the experience necessary to establish your case, protect your rights and promote your interests. Speak to our Vancouver law firm’s ICBC injury lawyers in order to prepare for your medical visit.

The Benefits of a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your ICBC Claim

Especially during this stressful and difficult time in your life, when a personal injury has occurred, we are here to help you prepare your case in order to receive the maximum financial compensation that you deserve. It’s complicated to file ICBC claims and difficult to succeed against an ICBC lawyer that is working against you. Lawyers at our Vancouver law firm office are here to help you get your life back on track.

Our Vancouver Personal Injury & ICBC Lawyers

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