Popove v. Attisha

2019 BCSC 1587

Ms. Gisele Popove was an active retiree when an other vehicle struck her vehicle on August 25, 2015, around a corner in West Vancouver. Gisele enjoyed gardening on her 3/4 acre property in West Vancouver and training her horses in Kamloops. She was active in doll making, knitting, sketching, and painting with her friends as well. The court awarded Gisele $334,822.

Lensu v. Victorio

2019 BCSC 59

Ms. Marina Lensu was standing in an alleyway when a car ran over her ankle on August 1, 2015. Marina was an active retiree when she was injured by the car. She suffered injuries to her ankle ligaments and lower back pain. ICBC denied that the vehicle was responsible for the collision. The case involved complex evidence which we won. Although Marina is no longer able to travel as comfortably as she used to, she still travels internationally. She doesn’t do the long hikes and activities that she used to, but she still plays an active role in her granddaughter’s life. The court awarded Marina $203,055 to compensate her for the injuries that she suffered.

Moore v. Peng

2019 BCSC 2078

Ms. Lanita Moore was in her vehicle, stopped at a red light in North Vancouver when she was rear-ended. Lanita suffered pain in her neck, back, shoulder, and has headaches. Lanita previously enjoyed playing tennis at Holleyburn in West Vancouver, and dancing with her friends on vacation. She missed no time off from work. The court awarded Lanita $121,324.46.

Behragam v. Paviglianiti

2019 BCSC 818

Mr. Javad Behragam was a small business owner and an avid cyclist when he was hit by a pickup truck in a roundabout intersection in Vancouver on September 23, 2013. Javad was unconscious for 10-15 minutes after the collision. Although Javad entered the intersection from the left, we proved that it was the driver of the pickup truck who entered from the right that should have yielded the right-of-way to Javad. ICBC wanted to blame Javad for causing the collision but the trial judge found that it was the pickup truck driver who was entirely at fault for causing the accident. This trial was solely about who was at fault for causing the collision. The damages are still being assessed to determine at a future date.

Rabiei v. Oster

2019 BCSC 733

Ms. Nazanin Rabiei was in a vehicle stopped in a parking lot on March 22, 2016 when a vehicle stuck her while reversing. ICBC initially denied that the other driver was at fault, but eventually admitted it. Nazanin had soft tissue injuries to her neck, back, and shoulder. Nazanin works as a hairstylist and has pain while working, and she no longer plays her violin. The court awarded Nazanin $275,123.

Moody v. Hejdanek

2018 BCSC 380

Mr. Aaron Moody was an avid golfer prior to the collision on January 6, 2013 in North Vancouver. Aaron continues to work professionally as a golf instructor, and although he gets headaches and has neck pain, he continued to make more money every year after the collision. The trial involved complex issues of evidence and we successfully prevented ICBC from introducing some of their important evidence at trial. The court awarded Aaron $110,465.

Larson v. Bahrami

2017 BCSC 2308

Mr. Joshawa Larson was stopped at a red light when he was rear-ended on June 15, 2014 in North Vancouver. ICBC initially denied that the other driver was at fault, eventually admitted it. Joshawa is a highly skilled tradesman with multiple red seal tickets. Although Joshawa suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck and back, after the collision Joshawa worked longer hours and made more money than before the collision. He was still able to ride his bicycle from Vancouver to Whistler, but it took him longer to complete the bike ride. The court awarded Joshawa $547,767.

Suthakar v. Humble

2016 BCSC 155

Ms. Thaneswary Suthakar was stopped at a red light when her vehicle was rear-ended on July 15, 2011 at a major intersection. ICBC initially denied that the other driver was at fault, but eventually admitted it. Thaneswary worked two jobs in the fast food industry, and was an active homemaker as well. Thaneswary struggled with her employment and housekeeping, as a result of the soft tissue injuries she had in her neck and back. The court awarded Thaneswary $264,089.

Lourenco v. Pham

2013 BCSC 2090

Ms. Vera Lourenco was a pedestrian who was struck by a car on November 29, 2009 in Vancouver. Prior to the collision, Vera was an active and fit 22 year old. She suffered soft tissue injuries and became less active than she used to be before the collision. After the collision, she was still able to surf. The court awarded Vera $194,953.