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Richmond Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered an accident or personal injury in the Richmond area, speak to a lawyer at BisLaw today.

BisLaw Personal Injury & ICBC Lawyers

BisLaw personal injury and ICBC lawyers have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) claim centre process in Richmond, pursuing the maximum compensation for your personal injury to which you are entitled.

Your Legal Advocate & Claims Lawyer Richmond

ICBC claims lawyers serving Richmond and the greater British Columbia area, the BisLaw team is your advocate and advisor in the event of a personal injury resulting from another person’s negligence.

Our personable, professional staff protect your interests and focus on the details of favourable case preparation, so that you can focus on the steps toward rehabilitation and recovery.

Experienced ICBC Lawyers Who Work for You

At BisLaw, we don’t work for ICBC claim centres. Richmond’s residents can count on us for comprehensive support. Our experienced lawyers help prepare you to answer important questions regarding the circumstances and effects of your injury, and will object to the questions that ICBC’s lawyer may not be allowed to ask.

BisLaw represents your case thoroughly, accurately and advantageously in order to receive the maximum financial compensation to which you are entitled.

ICBC Layers that Value Your ICBC claim

Call BisLaw personal injury and ICBC lawyers before you contact an ICBC claim centre serving the Richmond area. Your Dial-a-Claim report will be recorded, and information you provide may be used against you in a court of law.

The legal team at BisLaw knows the law, and the rules that ICBC must follow. From our office, we can make that call together, representing your case truthfully, precisely and to your best advantage.

A central part of Richmond ICBC claims litigation

The discovery process permits ICBC’s lawyers to ask you questions regarding the circumstances of the accident, and the effects of your personal injury. With BisLaw representation, you will be prepared to answer these questions, and we will object to those that may be inappropriate and to your detriment.

Your BisLaw Richmond personal injury lawyer will ask the defendant the difficult questions that aim to establish responsibility for what occurred, ensuring that you receive the maximum possible compensation for your injury.

Contingency Based Fee Agreement

If we are not successful, you do not pay legal fees.

We understand that at this difficult time, up front legal costs and hourly billing arrangements may be prohibitive. That’s why the lawyers at BisLaw work on a contingency fee agreement. We don’t get paid unless you win.

A No Obligation Consultation, at No Cost to You

If you have sustained a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, call our personal injury lawyers serving Richmond, for a no obligation consultation. Our discussion of your case details is private and subject to solicitor-client privilege.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Are Ready To Help

BisLaw personal injury lawyers are available for your call from 24 hours a day Monday through Friday. Weekend appointments are available on request.

Your centre for Richmond ICBC claims advice and advocacy, BisLaw is located just 20 minutes north at 808 Nelson Street, unit 1700 in Vancouver, B.C.

Contact us via online form, or by phone at 604-488-0234, 1-855-924-7529 toll free.