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Delta Personal Injury Lawyers

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BisLaw’s Personal Injury Lawyers: Delta, B.C. Service Area

If you or a loved one has been severely injured due to accident or the negligent actions of another person, our Delta personal injury lawyers can help obtain the compensation you deserve. Our Delta personal injury lawyers are a personable team focusing on personal injury law and ICBC claims providing clients with professional legal guidance and practical, compassionate support when it is needed most.

What a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do for You

When you align with the personal injury lawyers of BisLaw, you gain the advantage of years of experience. We are pleased to assist throughout the legal process, taking care of the details so that you can focus on your recovery.

It is important when filing your personal injury, automobile or motorcycle accident claim to seek prompt medical care and retain the services of an experienced Delta personal injury lawyer prior to making your ICBC recorded statement. At BisLaw, our thorough understanding of the procedures that the ICBC claim centre must follow allows us to interpret your insurance policy to your advantage within the law and pursue for you the maximum settlement to which you and any dependent family may be entitled.

Types of Damages

In the event of serious or even catastrophic injury, claims may vary widely depending on the circumstances of the accident. There are, however, specific guidelines pertaining to the damages which occur as a result. A BisLaw personal injury lawyer builds cases for our clients by identifying the specific damages which apply, some of which may include pain and suffering, loss of past income and future earning capacity, cost of future care, special damages such as out of pocket medical expenses, loss of housekeeping capacity and “in-trust damages” to family members or friends who have assumed a caregiving role or have provided regular assistance since the accident with day to day activities.

A Delta-area Law Firm that Puts People First

BisLaw personal injury lawyers offer our clients the resources they need to rebuild after serious or even catastrophic injury. Claims assistance, legal advice and representation are provided here without upfront or hourly fees. When you retain a BisLaw personal injury lawyer, the Delta ICBC claims process is undertaken at no risk to you. As part of a contingency-based fee agreement, detailed at the time of retainer, payment for services is based upon a percentage of monies recovered, meaning that if your claim does not result in a financial compensation, you simply do not pay legal fees.

Understanding Delta ICBC Claims

Call us before you call Dial-a-Claim. An ICBC claim centre representative may use the information regarding the accident you provide─ or omit─ against you in order to minimize your claim. Therefore, it is essential that you obtain the advice of both your BisLaw personal injury lawyer and health care professionals so that you may report the full extent of your injuries at the time of your telephone interview. A lawyer can help you communicate effectively not only with your doctor but also your Delta ICBC claim centre in order to ensure the documentation you will need for a favourable result.

Your personal injury lawyer for the Delta region, BisLaw is a firm that works for you. Together, we can prepare for this very important recorded statement and make the call from our downtown Vancouver law office.

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For Delta ICBC claims assistance and advice regarding personal injury litigation, we invite you to contact the multilingual office of BisLaw by online form or at 1-855-924-7529 toll-free today. We are pleased to serve clients from our downtown Vancouver office at 808 Nelson Street, a short 25-minute drive north of Delta.