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An accident that leads to an injury is a stressful ordeal. We have seen and worked with clients who feel overwhelmed and hopeless as they cope with the incident and their injuries. We help our clients traverse this emotionally, mentally and physically demanding experience by delivering superior customer service and attentive legal expertise.

At BisLaw, we are Whistler lawyers who are committed to making your ICBC claim process simple and effective.

Our team of dedicated and passionate Whistler lawyers are specialists in ICBC claims and personal injury law. We will advise you on how to pursue your claim and help you determine an accurate and fair value. We will always strive to help our clients obtain the maximum compensation to which they are eligible by gathering all of the pertinent evidence and information for the case in and quick and efficient manner.

If you are looking for a Whistler ICBC injury lawyer who is highly motivated to advocate for your case, choose BisLaw to represent and protect you. We work with clients on ICBC claims in Whistler and the surrounding area every day.  Our range of services also includes experience in class actions, estate litigation, as well as benefit claims.

Each and every team member at BisLaw cares deeply about the wellbeing of our clients and their families. Our work is to protect our clients and their futures in any negotiations and in the courtroom. We are leading Whistler-area lawyers who take this work seriously.

Our lawyers proudly serve the village of Whistler and its surrounding communities from our Vancouver office in five languages. Call our office, 604-488-0234 (local) or 1-855-Y BISLAW, or use the online form for a free consultation.

We Understand the Community of Whistler – Personal Injury Lawyer

Whistler is both a natural marvel and one of Canada’s greatest tourist getaways. Every winter, Canadians flock to the Whistler for the sights, sounds, and most importantly, the slopes. With such stunning scenery, we understand why travelers are so attracted to Whistler.

We also understand that adventurous and athletic activity throughout the year comes with risks. A day on the slopes of skiing or snowboarding can lead to catastrophic accidents and debilitating injuries.

At BisLaw, we are trusted Whistler area lawyers. BisLaw can help you with your personal injury claim in the event of an accident resulting from a day on the hills. Keep in mind that visitors to the city do not need to be skiing or snowboarding to be involved in an accident. You could be driving to your home or resort and be involved in a collision, or slip and fall while walking.

Whatever the situation, BisLaw counts itself amongst the leading Whistler law firms specializing in personal injury law. Our lawyers will help you prepare an accurate statement for ICBC so that you do not make mistakes that will compromise the value of your claim. We help you put together a complete ICBC claim quickly and efficiently, with all of the relevant evidence and information,so that you can receive any compensation to which you are eligible.

When you choose BisLaw to help with your ICBC claims in Whistler, you can be sure that you will receive individualized legal services and a strong advocate for your interests in negotiations and in the courtroom.

We Care About Our Clients in Whistler – Personal Injury Lawyer

BisLaw is different from other Whistler law firms because we take the time to get to know our clients. We care about creating a responsive relationship based on trust and on providing solutions. When you choose BisLaw to help with your ICBC claims in Whistler, you can be sure that you will receive individualized and attentive legal services.

Each ICBC injury lawyer on the BisLaw team is passionate about the work that they do and they care about the clients with whom they work. When we meet with our clients in Whistler, a personal injury lawyer will take care to listen and to empathize with their unique situations. We will develop a strategy together and we will make sure that the process is always transparent.

When we work with clients to submit ICBC claims in Whistler, a BisLaw personal injury lawyer will treat them with the utmost courtesy and compassion. We endeavour to use the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years to help deliver successful and fair outcomes.

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