Estate Litigation

A death in the family is already painful. A dispute over the estate of the deceased adds another layer of grief. If you have been disinherited, you may still be entitled to an inheritance but you need an experienced lawyer from Bislaw to help. Additional problems may be present or arise as a result of poor planning. Act now to protect your rights.

Wills Variation

British Columbia has a system of wills variation that is not available in other parts of Canada. It is a system that allows inappropriately disinherited individuals to get their proper inheritance. There are many reasons that can lead to a judge granting an inheritance to someone who has been unfairly removed from an inheritance.

If you believe that you have a rightful inheritance, contact an experienced lawyer from Bislaw to take the steps required to get your inheritance. A court can vary a will but there is a process that must be followed. Delaying can cause you to lose your entitled to your inheritance.

Normally a person who makes a will is entitled to decide who gets the assets, the house, the investments, the money, etcetera. But the Wills, Estates and Succession Act requires a person who makes a will to make adequate provisions for a spouse and children after death. To determine the ‘legal and moral obligation’ that a person owes to a spouse and children, a judge will look at:

  •  The size of the estate,
  • The financial circumstances of the person who died,
  • The relationship the person who died had with the spouse and children,
  • Whether there was a good reason to disinherit a spouse or child

As an example, sometimes parents treat male and female children differently. If your parents left you and your siblings different inheritances, contact a lawyer from Bislaw to discuss your options. There are important timelines and if you do not act quicky you can permanently lose your right to a fair inheritance.

In order to determine if you are entitled to an inheritance or a larger inheritance, contact a lawyer from Bislaw to discuss your situation. The law is complicated. Let us simplify it for you.