There is a lot you need to know when claiming ICBC Settlements in Vancouver. An ICBC claim is a process that begins sooner than most people realize. From the moment a collision occurs, every decision made thereafter can drastically affect the outcome of the settlement. Many people assume that only the information gathered in a written statement matters, but they are mistaken. Any information disclosed in a verbal statement, in person or over the phone, may also affect the entitlement value of an ICBC claim.

ICBC adjusters ask many questions when dealing with vehicle collisions and ICBC claims. As a result, there are many details and questions that you will have to provide and answer. It is important to remember that ICBC adjusters and ICBC lawyers are working on behalf of ICBC and will make arguments to reduce the amount of compensation payable. By hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer at BisLaw, you can be sure that we will have your best interest at heart, and we will work diligently to claim every dollar that you are entitled to.

We are Experienced at Handling Vancouver ICBC Settlements

In the unfortunate case of a crash, many people are not quite sure what crucial steps need to be taken in order to ensure that they receive their ICBC settlements.  That is where we come in. The value of ICBC injury claim settlements are largely impacted by details that an experienced personal injury lawyer would know. Turning to us for legal advice at such a difficult time gives our clients the assurance that their Vancouver ICBC settlements will be handled in a way that will increase the chance of receiving the full value of what they deserve.

Dedicated to Helping our Clients Claim their Vancouver ICBC Settlements

Our experienced personal injury lawyers at BisLaw have dedicated countless hours towards helping Vancouver residents recover financially from personal injuries. By continuing to serve our community, we have established a reputation of excellence within the industry and gained trust as professionals in handling Vancouver ICBC settlements.

ICBC injury claim settlements are very complex. It is impossible to know how much you are entitled to without considering all of the unique factors that go into determining the value of your claim. The rights and responsibilities vary depending on the extent of your involvement in the accident. ICBC settlements in Vancouver are meant to be fair to each individual; however, making errors during the claims process can lead to a significant difference in the value of your claim. This is why it is so important to seek legal advice from one of our highly competent personal injury lawyerswho are experienced in ICBC injury claim settlements.

Donot tackle the challenge of handling your ICBC claim on your own. Contact us today for a consultation and let us help you receive the maximum amount that you are entitled to.