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Valuing your personal injury claim

Compensation for Your Personal Injury Claim

What is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Valuing a personal injury claim is difficult, since there are so many factors that determine its value. Every person is unique and so are the details of the claim. There are general guidelines that can be used to estimate the range of an award. A personal injury claim will generally be composed of some or all of the following heads of damages: non-pecuniary general damages, special damages, loss of income earning capacity, cost of future care, loss of housekeeping capacity, and “in-trust” claims. A personal injury or ICBC lawyer can help guide you through the process of putting forward your claim for damages and helping you obtain the maximum award you are entitled to for your injuries.


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Types of Damages

We understand that ICBC claims can be overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with the pain and suffering of your injuries. Our team of Vancouver personal injury lawyers will endeavour to alleviate any stress by helping our clients submit a complete and effective claim.

When building your case, we will be focus on the following types of damages:

  • Pain & Suffering (general or non-pecuniary damages) – This type of compensation addresses changes in the injured party’s quality of life for the duration of injury. This type of damage cannot be measured by a specific amount as in loss of income. In assessing the extent of pain and suffering, your personal injury lawyer will consider factors including the severity of the injury, the loss of enjoyment of life, and the prognosis of your injury.
  • Loss of Past Income – Calculated from the date of the injury to the date of the settlement or judgment. This calculation is typically more complex for self-employed individuals and those with fluctuating wages and incomes. Your BisLaw ICBC lawyer will ensure that your claim has all of the appropriate documentation necessary to secure any lost income.
  • Special Damages – Any out of pocket expenses that have been incurred as a result of the accident including prescription medications, physiotherapy, specialist consultations, transportation, and property management. It is advisable to always consult with your doctor and ICBC lawyer before you pay out of pocket for the medical expenses as they will be eligible for your claim.
  • Loss of Income Earning Capacity – These damages are awarded to those who will have to deal with the lasting impact of physical and mental disabilities resulting from their accident. Your ICBC lawyer from BisLaw will take into consideration the age of the injured party, pre-accident income, as well as the severity of the injury when compiling a claim. Assessing these damages will most likely include the educated opinion of medical professionals.
  • Cost of Future Care – This type of compensation is awarded for any future medical care, rehabilitation and home care required following an accident that allows an injured party to maintain a similar quality of life from before the accident. Your ICBC lawyer will help you compile the medical evidence you need to win your claim.
  • Loss of Housekeeping Capacity – Damages are awarded to individuals who, as a result of their injury, are unable to carry out day-to-day tasks in their home.
  • “In-trust damages” – Compensation paid to friends, family, and household members who, as a result of an individual’s injuries, are required to help in their day-to-day lives (housekeeping or domestic services).

When filing a claim, we offer our clients the guidance of one of our lawyers in submitting their statement to an ICBC claim center. During Discovery, our personal injury lawyers protect our clients from questioning that might be unclear. We will always interject on behalf of our clients and will guide them towards providing the facts of their case in a truthful and complete manner.

The goal of our experienced team is to provide open and accessible services. We excel in our work with ICBC claims and we strive to obtain the highest level of compensation to which you are eligible.

We will serve as your advocates in negotiations and the courtroom. Our priority is always the wellbeing of our clients.

Getting Legal Advice from Us Promptly

No one plans on being injured on their daily commute, in their workplace or during a night out with friends. When it happens, it is essential that you get immediate medical care and to consult with a member of BisLaw’s team of Vancouver personal injury lawyers before you approach the ICBC claim center.

We understand that injuries can have an immediate impact or manifest over a longer period of time. We appreciate that each of our clients will have unique needs and we strive to help them on the road to recovery by delivering reliable personal injury legal services.

Our BisLaw team members efficiently serve Vancouver residents in all of their personal injury needs in five languages.