Divorce Lawyer Vancouver

A divorce is a difficult process. It can be long, expensive, and emotionally exhausting. But it can also be relatively smooth with experienced lawyers from Bislaw representing you. Our team will work with you compassionately during this difficult time in your life.

You cannot get a divorce without a court order, but that does not mean that you have to go to court or fight with your former spouse. A lawyer from Bislaw can work with you to get a court order for your divorce without you ever having to go to court. In combination with a settlement agreement, the process can be very efficient and as inexpensive as possible.

Learn more about settlement agreements and how a lawyer at Bislaw can help you protect yourself and your children in the event of a divorce. Some people try to do it themselves to save money, but mistakes can be expensive not just because of delays in court processes but the risk that you and your former spouse might become more adversarial with each other. Contact Bislaw today and speak with one of our experienced and compassionate lawyers today.