Custody and Parenting

The best interests of the child is the only principle in custody and parenting disputes. Make sure to contact an experienced lawyer from Bislaw to help with your custody and parenting arrangements.

Many parents engage in co-parenting, others want sole custody, some argue over how much visitation is the correct amount. Regardless of where you are in the process, one of our lawyers can help you to reach a fair plan for the most important thing: the custody and parenting arrangements for your child.

There are many things to negotiate and decide, for example:

  • Guardianship for who actually is responsible for making decision;
  • Parental responsibilities regarding significant decisions about your child’s education, health care and religion and where you child lives;
  • Parenting time for guardians and non-guardians, and how much time each person has with your child;

Remember, if you and your former spouse cannot reach an agreement, a judge can order an external professional – a stranger – to determine your parenting and custody arrangements for your child. Get help from one of our lawyers before it is too late.