Should I allow myself to be examined by ICBC’s medical specialists?

You should speak with a lawyer before making any decisions. ICBC has a small group of doctors that it pays every year for medical opinions. Deciding whether to attend an examination can be a complex decision which depends, in part, on whether or not you decide to sue.

For those who are not suing, section 99 of your ICBC insurance policy governs your right to Accident Benefits (income replacement; compensation for medical, rehabilitation, and household assistance expenses). Because of the wording of section 99, if you do not submit to an examination by an ICBC appointed specialist, you could lose your entitlements immediately. However, if you have your own comprehensive benefits package, which covers a multi-disciplinary pain program, then losing your ICBC benefits may not do much harm to you. In a case like this, ICBC will not be able to use one of their doctors to counter the medical opinion of your doctor.

Contact a lawyer before making any decisions. If you must see an ICBC appointed doctor, a lawyer can help ensure that your weekly benefits are up to date prior to you attending the examination. It is also generally a good idea to make sure you are examined by an independent medical specialist to make sure that the medical opinions are not one sided.