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BisLaw Motorcycle Injury Lawyers, Vancouver

At BisLaw, we can help you and your family move forward after a devastating motorcycle accident. Lawyers at our Vancouver firm specialize in personal injury litigation, and offer the knowledge and practical resources required to represent and support you throughout the legal process.

A motorcycle injury lawyer at BisLaw delivers professional advice and experienced advocacy with the power to protect your rights and any benefits to which you and your family may be entitled, and that without proper representation, may be at risk. At BisLaw, we understand the law and the regulations that insurance companies must follow so that we may pursue the fullest benefits and other rightful compensation you deserve.

Your well-being is important to us. It is imperative that you receive appropriate medical care for any trauma following a motorcycle accident. Your motorcycle injury lawyer at BisLaw can assist you to document your injuries as well as follow-up care, both necessary steps in the pursuit of a successful motorcycle injury claim.

It is important to note that not all injuries may be immediately apparent, and some, like soft tissue injuries, may not be visible on X-ray or MRI. It may be helpful to keep a journal which details the effects of these injuries on your day to day life. Your motorcycle injury lawyer at BisLaw can help establish your case in order to successfully advance your file.

Call the Experienced Motorcycle Injury Lawyers in Vancouver Before You Call Dial-a-Claim

Without the proper representation of a qualified motorcycle injury lawyer, your right to fair compensation may be compromised. Before you make that important call to ICBC’s Dial-a-Claim service, call BisLaw, your personal injury and motorcycle accident lawyers in Vancouver that work for you.

Since the call to ICBC is recorded, any information that you provide may be subsequently used against you when it comes time to negotiate the sum to which you are entitled. Your legal representative at BisLaw can assist with your statement from our downtown office in order to ensure the best coverage possible for your medical expenses.

At BisLaw, You Do Not Pay Your Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Until We Win Your Case

As motorcycle accident lawyers, Vancouver-based BisLaw lawyers understand that upfront and hourly legal fees can be especially prohibitive at a time of crisis. At BisLaw, your recovery is our priority; you will not be charged legal fees until your case is successfully resolved.

Ours is a personal injury firm that operates via contingency-based fee agreement, outlined in detail at the time of retainer, whereby our fees are collected as a pre-determined percentage of monies recovered at settlement. This strategy allows our team of motorcycle injury lawyers to represent our valued clients at all levels of income.

We are confident that our proven strategies will work for you. If you do not receive financial compensation for your motorcycle accident claim, you simply do not owe us legal fees.

Understanding the Claims Process in Vancouver

A motorcycle accident lawyer should provide constructive, insightful counsel when it is needed most. At BisLaw, our motorcycle injury lawyers offer the steadfast support and loyal advocacy necessary to protect your rights and obtain the benefits to which you and any dependent family may be entitled.

At BisLaw, we will take care of the details for you and ensure that the necessary paperwork is complete and on time. We understand insurance company policy, but a BisLaw personal injury lawyer in Vancouver works for you, not the insurance company. Here, your motorcycle injury lawyer acts wholeheartedly and transparently in your best interest, where others will not, in order to pursue for you the maximum possible motorcycle accident compensation to help you rebuild after serious injury.

Though not all cases will appear before the court – many may be resolved through the process of mediation – at BisLaw, we are experienced motorcycle injury lawyers who will be your representative should your claim go before a judge or jury. While the insurance company aims to minimize payout for your injuries, as your lawyer for motorcycle accident claims we act as your trusted advocate and advisor throughout legal proceedings and offer a winning strategy that puts people first.

Valuing Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Though every motorcycle injury claim is unique, there is a recognized set of guidelines for compensation to which both insurance companies and motorcycle accident lawyers in Vancouver are bound. A BisLaw Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer can evaluate your case and operate within this framework to pursue the maximum settlement to which you, or any dependent children and caregiving family may be eligible.

Not only is the goal of compensation to minimize the financial impact of the accident on individuals and families, but it can also help to cover any reasonably necessary medical procedures and cost of future care, as well as recognize the pain and suffering that you have experienced. Your BisLaw motorcycle injury lawyer understands that these complications may also directly affect interpersonal relationships, employment status, and your ability to participate in activities you have previously enjoyed.

It is our job as Vancouver motorcycle injury lawyers to apply our detailed understanding of the law and of your rights with respect to these laws to obtain for you the compensation that can assist you in your recovery and help rebuild for tomorrow.

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