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Have you or a family member ever been injured during a bus accident? If so, BisLaw can help you. Public transit and school bus accidents are all too common in Vancouver and oftentimes the results of an injury are more than physical.

Being involved in a bus accident can take a toll on your mental health and finances making recovery a difficult process. Let the bus accident lawyers at Vancouver’s BisLaw firm help you take the next steps in protecting yourself and your rights so that your life can keep moving forward.

The personal well-being of our clients is extremely important to us; we work hard to make sure that they are getting the bus accident compensation that they deserve for their injuries.

Call The BisLaw Bus Accident Lawyers Before You Call Dial-a-Claim

Your bus accident lawyer at BisLaw in Vancouver is your advocate and advisor when you need them the most. If ever in an accident be sure to call us before you call dial-a-claim. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) will not work for your benefit if you call dial-a-claim, leaving you to receive minimal bus accident compensation.

When you come to BisLaw first, you will work closely with your bus accident lawyer. He or she will record your statement for dial-a-claim and guide you through the process so that you can accurately describe the full extent of your bus accident injuries. Going through this process will ensure that your case is established and protects your access to necessary medical care coverage and have an advocate dedicated to getting you the justice and compensation that you deserve.

BisLaw, personal injury and bus accident lawyers are not only committed to getting you the compensation you deserve, they also believe in a level playing field. In some cases, ICBC does not hold any responsibility towards you and often times ICBC works with the defendant in order to reduce the total insurance expenditure. BisLaw knows the rules, procedures and laws that ICBC is required to follow that you might not know about and we will use them to ensure a more favourable result for you.

Protect Your Family’s Future

If you or a family member have sustained bus accident injuries in Vancouver, you can trust your BisLaw lawyer to take the proper steps to ensure that you or a loved one receive the proper benefits that you are entitled to.

As your bus accident lawyer, if your case goes to trial, we will act as your representative and will ask tough questions to the defendant driver. We will also prepare you for potential questions you may be asked, giving you answers that are truthful and to your advantage. Remember, your Vancouver BisLaw bus accident lawyer is here for you and will work hard to pursue the bus accident compensation you deserve.

Valuing Your Bus Accident Claim

Just like how there are different variances that go into a car accident claim, your bus accident claim will be unique to you. This is where your BisLaw bus accident lawyer will help you the most. Your lawyer will determine the best course of action and if it is beneficial for you to pursue a claim. If it is deemed that you should pursue a case, your Vancouver BisLaw personal injury lawyer will assess the related damages in order to identify the bus accident compensation that you may be entitled to.

Your bus accident claim will be analogized to previous cases, and the value that may be available to you will be determined based on: your loss of income, the ability to continue with your hobbies (including sports or other activities that you could not enjoy while recovering from your bus accident injuries), the cost of necessary medical care, housekeeping, earning capacity, and other “pain and suffering” damages.

The goal of your bus accident lawyer is to ensure that you, the claimant, receive sufficient bus accident compensation to bring you back to your previous economic position. In case of a “No Fault” ICBC claim, you will be entitled to receive the necessary medical care compensation for out of pocket expenses. Your BisLaw bus accident lawyer will act on your behalf and help you to understand your rights and possible options so that you can have peace of mind during your recovery. Call us at 1-855-924-7529 toll free or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

No Fees Will Be Charged Until We Win Your Case

We understand that someone who has sustained bus accident injuries have enough to deal with and adding an hourly lawyer rate would amplify your worries. We want to ensure that when you use a BisLaw Vancouver lawyer, you will not be charged any legal fees until your case is won. During your bus accident claim, your lawyer will represent you, answer any questions you may have and be there for you if your case reaches a trial without being charged any legal or hourly fees.

Because BisLaw is one of the best personal injury law firms in Vancouver, we will not charge legal fees if your claim does not receive bus accident compensation. Our dedication, commitment and knowledge are used to make sure you and your family have a better future.

You and Your Family are our #1 Priority

Here at BisLaw, we know how strenuous it can be to file bus accident claims without a clue where to start. It is our job to help guide you through the process of receiving any bus accident compensation that may be available to you while you and your family focus on the recovery at hand.

We want to ensure that you understand all aspects of your claim such as acquiring the proper documents and filling them out accurately so you can receive the correct insurance benefits, assisting you with complex legal papers, answering any questions you have about your rights and work compensation after a getting bus accident injuries. The road to recovering claims can be very long, but the bus accident lawyers at BisLaw will be there for you every step of the way.

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The claims process can be a long road; at BisLaw, our Vancouver car and bus accident lawyers are here for you to help navigate the journey ahead.