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Legal Representation for Coquihalla Accident Survivors and Their Families

If you have been injured as a result of a Coquihalla highway accident, BisLaw can help obtain the compensation you deserve.

Notorious for its extreme and often changeable mountain conditions, the Coquihalla can be a dangerous place and especially for the inadequately prepared. The subject of Discovery Channel’s aptly titled Highway Thru Hell, this 303 kilometre, 4-lane stretch of Highway 5 south of Kamloops, known to locals simply as “the Coq”, has seen 32 fatal crashes in the past ten years, making it the third most deadly major thoroughfare in the province.

Linking the city of Vancouver to the TransCanada, the Pacific Coast and the interior, the Coquihalla is a popular route for commercial truckers and travellers alike. However, the former cattle trail’s remote location can leave snow-bound drivers and their passengers stranded, awaiting roadside assistance for hours, if not days─ a risky situation made even more precarious with poor night time visibility and frigid temperatures mid-winter. While every effort is made by heavy rescue operations in the area to mitigate damage and provide essential, even life-saving supplies, accidents on Highway 5 have claimed the lives of many, and forever changed the lives of many more.

At BisLaw, your well-being is our first priority. It is our policy that you will not pay legal fees until you receive compensation for your Coquihalla car accident claim.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident on Highway 5, your BisLaw personal injury lawyer can provide the practical guidance and compassionate support necessary to navigate a complex legal process without the burden of upfront or hourly fees.

Filing a Car Accident Injury Claim

Call us before you call ICBC. At BisLaw, your experienced injury lawyer works for you, not the insurance company. It is important to remember that not all injuries following a Coquihalla highway crash may be immediately apparent, and what you say ─ or fail to remember ─ during your recorded statement may be used against you in a court of law.

In British Columbia, you may be entitled to insurance compensation for an automobile accident regardless of fault, whether it is a multi-vehicle collision or a hit-and-run Coquihalla highway crash. In order to pursue the maximum compensation and health care coverage for which you are eligible, it is imperative that you receive thoroughly documented medical care for your injuries and retain the services of a qualified personal injury lawyer.

Obtain Better Compensation for Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

When an individual has experienced the life-altering trauma of brain or spinal cord injury, it is essential that the survivor be allowed to focus on recovery. At BisLaw, we assist people who have suffered spinal cord or brain injury, and their families, by making it possible to move forward without the added concerns of excessive paperwork and financial strain.

We understand that not all injuries resulting from a Coquihalla accident may be as obvious to the outsider as a broken bone. If you have sustained a brain injury due to an accident on Highway 5, your personal injury lawyer can help protect your employment benefits and economic security.

While no dollar amount can change the past, your monetary compensation aims to create a financial future which could reasonably have been expected had a Coquihalla highway accident never occurred. You may also be entitled to compensation for dependant and caregiving family, as well as to non-pecuniary damages for pain and suffering.

At BisLaw, we can determine at the time of initial consultation if it would be beneficial for you to pursue a claim following a Coquihalla car accident; if so, we will act as trusted counsel and advocate in order to protect your benefits, rights and interests every step of the way.

Fighting for Coquihalla Highway Crash Survivors and Their Families

You do not have to do it alone. At BisLaw, your personal injury lawyer is there for you when support is needed most. We offer Coquihalla accident survivors and their families the knowledgeable counsel and effective guidance that can help reduce the emotional and financial burden associated with the physical and emotional trauma of a Highway 5 accident. Your lawyer can help foster effective communication with your medical professional, assist you throughout the process of litigation, and act as your legal representative should your case go to trial.

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