There are no legal fees to be paid until we get Survivors of Residential Schools a settlement.

If you do not get compensation, we do not get paid.

We only get paid at the end of your claim.

We earn a maximum of 25% of the total claim. We always charge Canada 15%, which means a Survivor will contribute a maximum of 10% for legal fees.

For example, if the Survivor gets $10,000.00 in compensation, then Canada pays $1,500.00 (15%) and the Survivor contributes $1,000.00 (10%) resulting in a compensation award after fees of $9,000.00 to the Survivor.

If we are able to only charge 5% then in the example above a Survivor would contribute $500.00 of the total fee resulting in an award after fees of $9,500.00 to the Survivor.

The government forces us to charge tax on our legal fees. Taxes vary from province to province.