Non-pecuniary damages (sometimes called pain and suffering damages) are awarded to compensate individuals for harm suffered as a result of their injuries that is difficult to quantify monetarily, such pain and the loss of the ability to engage in activities that they previously engaged in. Most personal injury claims lead to an award of non-pecuniary damages. Compensation for non-pecuniary damages is meant to put the injured person in the same position they would be had they never been injured, as best as monetary compensation may be able to do so. The Supreme Court of Canada has imposed a limit on the maximum amount that may be awarded for non-pecuniary damages in personal injury cases. The final amount of an award varies widely, depending on the extent of your injuries and their effect on your life. However, it is notable that the current maximum limit for non-pecuniary damage awards in Canada is approximately $330,000. This limit is adjusted annually for inflation.